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Comedy Reel

Comedy Reel


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Sketch Comedy

Make me laugh like Saturday Night Live. Check out the sketch comedy reel for real improv bits from the theater, behind the scenes tapping, and live shows.

Stand Up Comedy

Well, she's not known for being stand up funny but known for sitting down and telling corny jokes. Check out a short comedy set from My Laughter's Comedy Club at the Pig N Whistle in Hollywood.

Conflicting Roomates

When two roommates are in competition with each other for a Levi's modeling contract. It all goes wrong with just one donut.

Pokemon Go!

Do you want to Poke? Mon then go... Two teams revival against each other for the ultimate Pokemon battle. Check Whitney's character on the red squad as the ultimate villain.

Hollywood Fringe Festival Recap

Missed Hot Combs, Home Girls, and Suicide at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival? Check out this recap to see some silly little missed moments from the show.

Reborn "Fake Baby" Parody

"Yea, I got a fake baby but that don't make me crazy." Whitney performs the official song for the pilot episode of Reborn in this music video.

War With The Wolf

Whitney plays multiple werewolves in Eric Dills'  "War with the Wolves". Check her out as these three wolves: Guitar Playing wolf, Multicolored disco Jacket wolf, and black tank top wolf.  (Music Video - rock)

Burning Man

That moment when you show up to set and everyone thinks you are a famous twerker. That's exactly what happened when landing this spot in Post Malone and Andrew Watt's 'Burning Man' music video. Good thing it was just a snippet because momma would not have been proud. (Music Video- rock/hip-hop)

Is You Mad or Nah?

Being hired as the video stylist, landed Whitney right into a featured spot as one of the HOT Girls in Milan Christopher's "Is you Mad or Nah." Check her out wearing the cheetah bikini.  (Music Video- hip-hop)

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