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Can I Get A Whitness? Trailer

Can I Get A Whitness? Trailer


In the midst of a pandemic, an insecure young woman, with hair issues, films her struggles in trying to land her dream job. Its dark comedy format raises controversial society discussions on how colorism further ignites the system of racism as a whole.



I always live by the motto “Live Your Dreams” and when the pandemic happened, I took matters into my own hands to create a film that would allow me to live my dreams anyway. I have been acting for 10 years but with an industry that was shut down and a world filled with uncertainties, I decided to take a leap in faith and direct a story that was near and dear to my life’s experience.

As an African American female working in the entertainment industry, I am often misunderstood, along with other POC that I identify with. Can I Get A Whitness shows that no matter how hard I try, my identity is often seen as not being black enough or white enough to fit into society. My intention is to create a conversation piece that will extend compassion, understanding, and opportunities for all women of color.

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