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When Casting Loves you

I have to admit. I get nervous auditioning. Well, at least I used to. Maybe not so much anymore.

It was last fall when I decided to make a change in the way I pursue my passions. I said screw it. Who cares if they don't like me. I'm just going to be myself. I am going to stay open to the endless possibilities. I knew for some weird reason I needed to stay by my phone because I was self submitting to several projects and I knew my phone was going to ring for one of them.

Fortunately, my phone was ringing for two shows. One was a Pilot Presentation for a network fitness game show and the other was well a talk show. I thought to myself this isn't what I should be focusing my career on but I will just stay open and say yes. I never know who I may meet and what saying yes to this may lead me.

I stayed by my phone and said yes to them every time they called and I mean every time. I auditioned 3 times and said yes to them all. Until my contract came and I was stunned by what it was.

As I said before, "I'm under contract." I cant reveal the names of the shows. One of them isn't even being released, until 2020 (Yes, this one was green lit). But I do have to say that I felt like a complete superstar, while we were filming. It was a great moment to reflect on not giving up on my dreams.

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