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Pilot Presentation

Sometimes it's just that one random phone call that counts.

I landed a role in a pilot presentation and didn't even have to audition for it. A guy I had met 6 months ago had randomly called me up to ask if I was working the next day and if not then would I want to work.

I'm not going to lie. I was a bit skeptical about this. I have never even hung out with this person let alone known him enough to understand what type of work he was referring to. Fortunately, I knew he worked in the film business so it wasn't too far fetched of a request but I honestly thought this was going to be some sort of BS favor. HA!

Long and behold did I find out that he was working on a network presentation. So... I said yes. I continued to tell him that I don't do background work and that I am fully represented. My agent and Manager must know about this.

The truth is I trusted my guts and said yes to it. I prepared myself to show up to work on set the next day, without really knowing what I was doing. Figuring that I would be helping out behind the scenes.

After meeting the host, producers, and camera Op's they all wanted me to be in it. Unfortunately, I don't eat meat and that would have been a requirement. Bummed again! The ahh ha moment came when they asked me to be a server. They actually gave me on camera things to do. What turned out to be what I thought was behind the scenes or possibly background work ended up being live in front and action. I even tapped a practice segment with the director, who loved me.

Now, the network walked in. Watching everything. Seeing everything. Loves the show and of course loves me in it. The clock has started for the Green light on this show. And when I say Green light... I literally mean GREEN!!!!!

I don't have a doubt in my mind that this show will get picked up but then again I actually might be cast in something bigger and better by then. :)

Just stay by that PHONE!

Stay by my phone ***I'm SCREAMING***

*** Sorry under contract so I cant disclose full picture gallery yet ***

Again I thought maybe this was going to be for backgorund work and I told him listen... I'm an actress I dont do background. Yes, I have done it a few times in the past but I'm fully representetend

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